Step into our cocktail haven where the bartender crafts custom creations like house-made gin, lemon, and honey cocktails. Impeccably balanced with herbs and essences. Enjoy a cozy, sociable atmosphere with just the right tunes. You'll keep coming back! Our signature house gin is a delight. Our bartender's impeccable mixology skills and witty banter guarantee an unforgettable night. It's an absolute must-visit! This place has it all - the perfect ambiance for a neighborhood bar, incredible drinks, and the friendliest staff around. Special thanks to Linda for making our night truly exceptional.


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Cocktail Bar
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Aperitivo, Beer Cocktail, Coffee, Fresh



Bar Convent Berlin (BCB)


Germany, Berlin

The Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) - International trade fair for the bar and beverage industry, featuring networking, education, and trends, drew 15,000 visitors from 91 countries. It showcased expert panels on female empowerment, Agave spirits, and the growth of the Low & No-Trend. Numerous product innovations and possible bartending trends were presented, making it a highly anticipated event in the industry. Save the date for the next BCB from October 7-9, 2024!

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Paul-Roosen-Straße 27
Hamburg, Germany


phone: Germany (+49) 0179 9769435


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Where to look for clockers if I can not find it?

Just have a look beetwen the Kiosk and the Wine Bar. There is a small Maki Sticker over to the entry.

Can we book clockers for private events?

Of course you can, we have several packages for the week and for weekends.

When starts the DJ to play?

The Dj starts every Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 3am.

What kind of music is played in clockers

Our DJ’s playing R&B, Hip Hop, Mashups, Latin and more.

  • Hugo

    Party, Day Drinking, Brunch

    Hugo's Summer Symphony: A refreshing blend of mint, elderflower, wine, and sparkling wine, harmonized with a touch of lime. Sip into a floral breeze, perfect for summer soirées. 🌿🌸🍹 #SummerSip #Mixology

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  • a cartoon style whisky sour cocktail in a tumbler

    Whisky Sour

    Sour, Fresh, Classic

    Frothy, sweet, and sour, with a lovely touch of bourbon. The all well-known Whisky Sour and our most favorite Sour of all time!

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  • Espresso Martini by clockers Hamburg

    Coffee, Brunch, Aperitivo

    Discover the enticing Espresso Martini with Cold Brew! This classic cocktail is a treat for your taste buds, brimming with rich flavors from a strong cold brew. It's the perfect drink for coffee lovers who don't have access to a coffee or espresso machine.

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  • Mexikaner

    Liquid Kitchen, Day Drinking, Classic

    The base of the Bahrenfeld Blaze is a fusion of chili and basil spirits, providing a spicy and herbaceous foundation. Unlike traditional Mexikaners, this fiery concoction skips the Tabasco in favor of an exhilarating combination of Sriracha and Sambal Olek, elevating the heat to new heights.

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  • Kaffir Lime Gimlet

    Refreshing, Modern, Classic

    A refreshing Gimlet that uses instead of a Lime Cordial a highly fragrant Kaffir Lime Spirit. This simple recipe is refreshing, delicious, and easy to make. A real crowd-pleaser for a hot warm summer day.

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  • Herb Mule

    Herbal, Day Drinking, Autumn

    The Herb Mule is a fantastic showcase for combining a 50% vol herbal liqueur with ginger beer in a highball glass. The herbal notes are coming through, but it's also a very refreshing and tasty herbal highball.

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  • clockers Cosmo Crush

    Fruitini, Fresh, Bittersweet

    A beautiful and tangy version of the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail.

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  • Jungle Bird

    Classic, Caribbean, Bittersweet

    An herbal fruity concoction of the well-known Jungle Bird, that comes with pineapple puree and a citrus touch of Grand Marnier

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  • Maybe Baby mixed by Christin Winter

    Dessert, Day Drinking, Caribbean

    The Maybe Baby cocktail is a fruity, well-balanced gin cocktail that got its flavor and color from organic fruit. The foam is made with vegan bitter.

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  • Die Mirabelle Edelbrandspirituose in der Flasche


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