Cocktail Hour: A Collection of Classic and Modern Recipes

  • Drilling, Hamburg, DE

    Nestled within the historic confines of the former Marzipanfabrik in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, DRILLING embodies a trifecta of artisanal craftsmanship – a café, a bar, and a distillery, all seamlessly converging under the roof of the erstwhile steam-powered marzipan factory. Unveiling its doors in August 2018, DRILLING stands as a culinary pioneer, hosting an unparalleled gastronomic amalgamation rarely found across Europe.

    Germany, Hamburg
  • Edelobstbrennerei Sammet, Loewenstein, DE

    Martin Sammet, a master distiller, crafts exquisite fruit brandies in the heart of the Swabian Toskana. Using time-honored techniques and hand-picked, ripened fruits, he creates a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, resulting in exceptionally smooth and flavorful spirits.

    Explore his SPEZIAL series, where meticulously aged spirits meet carefully selected dried fruits, delivering a delightful and enduring taste adventure. Each bottle is a testament to centuries of expertise, showcasing a rich heritage of family distillation.

    Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Löwenstein