Our version of the Gimlet uses the whole Lime as a flavoring agent. The taste palate is crisp and comes with a lime punch on the tongue. The drink is served with 60ml of gin, which is still smooth to sip at brunch time.


how to mix:

mixing tips


  • Start with the cheapest ingredients (the syrup) first.


  • A chilled glass keeps your drink longer and more enjoyable. Your used ice will melt slower, and the taste will stay longer.


  • While pressing the citrus fruit, for example, lemon or lime. You could use the pressed fruit and give it into the shaker as a fragrant ingredient. It will release some of the oils while shaking the drink. After you better double-strain it.
  • If you double-strain the drink, it will hold those tiny ice particles back. Otherwise, they might float on top of the glass. It will further dilute the drink a little bit more. Some people like it, and some people don't.


  • If you put a citrus wedge on the rim, the guest can squeeze it if he needs more acidity.


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120 ml = 1 serving

Author, Timo Wessels
Updated on 3. February 2023

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