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The Tonka Sour combines everything that fits for a dessert. Tonka meets Vanilla and Lemon. The sour strawberry dust let it taste like a piece of cake!
The recipe is my own signature.


  • 40 ml
    Tonka Gin (Gin)
  • 10 ml
    Giffard Vanille de Madagascar (Liqueurs)
  • 3 drops
    ms betters orange tree bitters (Orange Bitters)
  • 30 ml
    lemon juice fresh (lemon juice)
  • 20 ml
    simple syrup (1:1) homemade (sugar syrup)
  • 30 ml
    Pasteurized Egg White (Poultry)
how to mix:
  1. Combine all ingredients in the shaker tin or spindle mixer tin.
  2. Dry blend the ingredients in the blender for about 10 seconds. If you want to dry shake instead, do it for roughly 20 seconds.
  3. Add ice cubes.
  4. Strain into the prepared old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.
  5. Add your garnish.
Timo Wessels
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beverage details


bar technique:
Dry Spindle Mixing, Strain, Wet Shake, Zest a Fruit
strawberry powder (dust)


Dessert, Digestif, Summer
Autumn, Summer Picnics, Zen Retreat
intense amber

aroma chart

  • Finish
  • Fruity
  • Alc. Strength
  • Sweetness
  • Sour
Lemon, Strawberry, Tonka Bean, Vanilla
clean, crisp, delicate

detailed mixing instructions

  1. Prepare your Mise en Place.
  2. Prepare your bottle setup.
  3. Chill the serving glass with either crushed ice or ice cubes. Or place it in a fridge or freezer.
  4. Prepare your garnish.
  5. Add all the ingredients (except the egg white !) into the taller part of the Tin-in-Tin shaker.
  6. Add the egg white into the mixer tin.
  7. Set the speed of the spindle mixer to the lowest setting. Othwerwise it might spill over very quick!
  8. Dry blend the ingredients in the blender for about 10 seconds. If you want to dry shake instead, do it for roughly 20 seconds.
  9. Add ice cubes into the shaker
  10. Shake for about 10 seconds.
  11. Take the chilled glass out of the fridge/freezer. If you used ice to chill the serving glass, remove everything from the glass.
  12. Add around 5 to 6 ice cubes into the serving glass.
  13. Strain into the serving glass.
  14. Add your garnish.
  15. Clean up your working station.

mixing tips


  • Dry blend egg white with a blender for better structure.

used homemade ingredients

  • Simple Syrup (1:1)

    • 1 kg
      white sugar granulated (Sugar)
    • 1 ltr
      hot water (Water)
    to the recipe

editor recipe notes

Tonka Sour, I would say if one of those drinks, I would order in a Bar. I prefer to drink canned beer, but if you ask me, that’s a must-go drink =) The real improvement is adding the Mrs. Better Bitters. It’s a great taste without the bitters, but with this bitter, it’s exceptional. The additional strawberry dust mixed with citrus acid to give a slight fruity summer kick.

  • about : Timo Wessels

    Timo Wessels is a passionate bartender dedicated to improving his bartending skills. His love for beverages extends to spirits, liqueurs, beer, wine, and coffee, and he actively seeks knowledge in these areas. As a certified spirit and beer sommelier, Timo enjoys sharing his expertise and teaching others. Through MyBeverageGuide, his goal is to create a global knowledgebase for bartenders, hobbyists, and producers alike.

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