Bar Convent Berlin (BCB)

Germany, Berlin
Multiple-Day Event

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The Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) - International trade fair for the bar and beverage industry, featuring networking, education, and trends, drew 15,000 visitors from 91 countries. It showcased expert panels on female empowerment, Agave spirits, and the growth of the Low & No-Trend. Numerous product innovations and possible bartending trends were presented, making it a highly anticipated event in the industry. Save the date for the next BCB from October 7-9, 2024!


Artists and Creatives, Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts


event type:
Cocktail Week, Exhibition, Networking
event focus:
Bar Symposium, Cocktail and Art Fusion, Craft Spirits Tasting
Beverage Education, Beverage Marketing and Advertising, Beverage Trade Shows and Events

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