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  • Maracujasplit

    The Maracujasplit is a wonderful tropical and fruity version. It comes with some milk, not with cream. It's slightly sweet

  • Kein Hugo

    The Kein Hugo is a gentle, sweet, sour, and minty summer version. Best suited for a hot summer!

  • Cosmopolitan

    The Cosmopolitan just got a new city as his hometown, its called Hamburg =)

  • Helmut Sour

    The Helmut Sour has a balanced and fresh taste of elderflower, combined with lemon and sweet vermouth.

  • Whisky Sour

    Frothy, sweet, and sour, with a lovely touch of bourbon. The all well-known Whisky Sour and our most favorite Sour

  • Negroni

    The Negroni cocktail is our most favorite bitter classic cocktail crowd pleaser of all time.

  • Espresso Martini

    The Espresso Martini is our most favourite coffee cocktail crowd pleaser of all time.