Kleine Bar mit originellem Design, die innovative Cocktails und selbst erzeugten Gin zur Musik von DJs bietet.

business style
food focus:
Asian Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Seafood, Poultry
beverage focus:
Abricotine, Amaro, Almond Liqueur, Apple Liqueur


Juniper Days

29-10-2023 - 12-11-2023

Fruchtwelt Messe

07-10-2023 - 03-11-2023


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open All-Day


Paul-Roosen-Straße 27, 22764



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drink recipes

  • Cold Brew Espresso Martini

    Discover the enticing Espresso Martini with Cold Brew! This classic cocktail is a treat for your taste buds, brimming with rich flavors from a strong cold brew. It's the perfect drink for coffee lovers who don't have access to a coffee or espresso machine.

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Die Mirabelle Edelbrandspirituose in der Flasche

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