Fast Simple Syrup

This simple syrup is made within 5 Minutes just using boiled water and regular sugar.

Shelf Life

6 weeks, keep refrigerated.

Total Ingredients




  • 1 kg
  • 1 ltr hot water


  • 1x Bar Spoon
  • 1x Large Pitcher with Scale Line
  • 1x Hot Water Dispenser
  • 4x 500ml Glass Bottle

Steps of Production

Step 1:

Pour 1 Ltr of hot water from the "Hot Water dispenser" into the Pitcher.
We are using the Hot Water from our Coffee machine.

Time of Production: 5 minutes

Step 2:

Slowly pour the sugar into the pitcher filled with water and stir gently until the sugar is dissolved.

Time of Production: 5 minutes

Step 3:

Let it cool down a bit. Use the funnel to pour the simple syrup into the bottle. Screw it tight, let it cool down, and put it into the fridge.

Time of Production: 1 hour

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