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Martin Sammet, a master distiller, crafts exquisite fruit brandies in the heart of the Swabian Toskana. Using time-honored techniques and hand-picked, ripened fruits, he creates a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, resulting in exceptionally smooth and flavorful spirits.

Explore his SPEZIAL series, where meticulously aged spirits meet carefully selected dried fruits, delivering a delightful and enduring taste adventure. Each bottle is a testament to centuries of expertise, showcasing a rich heritage of family distillation.

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Many of our resources are sourced locally and meticulously crafted. My primary focus lies in the art of Fruit Brandy, a delightful journey that unfolds within the confines of small barrels. I find joy in pushing the boundaries by experimenting with dried fruits, infusing a rich tapestry of flavors that bestows depth and structure upon our liquors during the aging process.


Martin Sammet prides himself on sourcing locally and selecting only the finest raw materials for his fruit brandies. The fruits, primarily from his family’s orchards, are meticulously hand-picked to ensure optimal ripeness. This careful selection process is a cornerstone of his craft, as he believes that the quality and ripeness of the fruits are paramount in producing exceptional spirits. Additionally, the use of spring water from the Löwensteiner Mountains for dilution adds a distinctive regional touch to the final product, further highlighting his commitment to using the best locally sourced ingredients in his artisanal distillation process.


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    This classic, slightly fruity gin is distilled by master distiller and brandy sommelier Martin Sammet in a copper still, following centuries-old tradition. The botanicals include juniper berries from the Swabian Alb, angelica root, cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel, lime, bitter orange, as well as rose hips, fir tips, dried Williams pears, and sloes from the Löwensteiner Mountains, where the gin's soft spring water is sourced. Each batch varies based on the season and the quality of berries, sloes, or fruits in a particular year. For a perfect gin and tonic, Thomas Henry or Fever Tree are recommended mixers. Please don't discard the high-quality stoneware bottle with the Pogospirit logo; we're happy to refill it or use it as a decorative bottle for premium oil or water.

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    Martin Sammet’s production process is rooted in tradition. He selects ripe fruits, ferments and distills them in a copper pot still. The heart of the distillate ages in old oak casks, absorbing wood flavors. The SPEZIAL series further matures the spirit with dried fruits from the same harvest, resulting in an enduring flavor. Bottling at 40% with spring water ensures a consistent and elegant product design by Sascha Simm’s agency. This meticulous process reflects Martin’s commitment to crafting exquisite fruit brandies in the Swabian Toskana.


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    Martin Sammet
    Barrel Aged Apricot Brandy, Barrel Aged Honey Brandy, Gin, liquor


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    Edelobstbrennerei Sammet
    Lindenstr 13
    Löwenstein, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


    mobile: Germany (+49) 015777823353


    Contact - Mail: info@brennerei-sammet.de

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