• Cold Brew Espresso Martini

    Discover the enticing Espresso Martini with Cold Brew! This classic cocktail is a treat for your taste buds, brimming with

  • Sangria

    Introducing the ultimate summer indulgence - a fruity and refreshing red wine sangria. Crafted with a blend of luscious fruits,

  • Clockers Cosmo Crush

    A beautiful and tangy version of the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail.

  • Pina Colada Version 1

    Indulge in the tropical paradise of a perfectly balanced Pina Colada made with pineapple rum, high-quality coconut, and pineapple puree.

  • Helbing's Sunshine Sipper

    Hamburg's Helbing meets tropical tang in this effervescent cocktail of Pampelmouse, grapefruit, and pineapple bitter.

  • Helmut Mystic Mango Punch

    Helmut Mystic Mango Punch is a beautiful combination of rich vermouth and wine flavors compared with raspberry and mango.

  • Helmut Schorle

    The Helmut Schorle is a fruit drink with an herbal character. It's mixed with red and white Vermouth from Germany

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