• Helmut Mystic Mango Punch

    Helmut Mystic Mango Punch is a beautiful combination of rich vermouth and wine flavors compared with raspberry and mango.

  • Helmut Schorle

    The Helmut Schorle is a fruit drink with an herbal character. It's mixed with red and white Vermouth from Germany

  • Gold Cuban

    This riff of the Old Cuban uses Cremant from Germany and organic ginger liqueur from a small Hamburg manufacturer.

  • Old Cuban

    This version of the Old Cuban uses Cremant from Germany and has a refreshing backbone of mint.

  • Maybe Baby

    The Maybe Baby cocktail is a fruity, well-balanced gin cocktail that got its flavor and color from organic fruit. The

  • Apple Pie

    The Apple Pie is a locally inspired Christmas cocktail with ingredients (Apples, Grain) sourced near Hamburg City. It comes with

  • De Danske

    The combination of Akvavit, Orange Bitter, and Rooibos Vanilla Tea is a flavor bomb =)

  • Botanist T

    The Botanist T Cocktail is a well-balanced drink with flavourful Roiboos-Vanilla Tea. Paired with Lemon, Gin, and some Orange Zest,

  • Watermelon Negroni

    A Negroni Twist with a subtle taste and sweetness of the watermelon.

  • Bananarum and Chocolate Old Fashioned

    The Banana & Chocolate Old Fashioned is a lovely dessert combination with a vast load of banana and decent chocolate

  • Cameron's Kick

    The Cameron's Kick is a balanced sweet and sour drink mixed with blended scotch and vanilla bitters.

  • Coffee Kiss Negroni

    The Coffee Kiss Negroni gets its touch from the awesome DSM Coffeespirit. It's a simple recipe, and it is not



  • Blueberry Tonka Vanilla Syrup

    A Four Seasons fruity syrup made with fruit puree, some vanilla, and lovely tonka bean. One of the most delicious syrups I know.

  • Ginger Mint Syrup

    This flavourful and delicious green syrup is a wonderful ingredient for lemonades and cocktails.

  • Simple Green Basil Syrup

    A green basil syrup that has a rich dark green color and a lot of flavor

  • Simple Syrup (1:1)

    This simple syrup is made within 5 Minutes just using boiled water and regular sugar.

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