Blueberry Tonka Vanilla Syrup

A Four Seasons fruity syrup made with fruit puree, some vanilla, and lovely tonka bean. One of the most delicious syrups I know.

Shelf Life

2 weeks, keep refrigerated.

Total Ingredients



blueberry syrup


  • 500 gr shite sugar granulated
  • 1 ltr hot water
  • 1 piece vanilla bean
  • 4 pieces tonka bean


  • 1x Large Pitcher with Scale Line
  • 1x Large Spoon
  • 1x Hot Water Dispenser
  • 1x Plastic Cutting Board
  • 1x Knife
  • 1x Long Tweezer

Steps of Production

Step 1:

Take a heat-resistant container. Place inside the tonka bean, the scratched vanilla pods, and the vanilla stick.
Pour in the hot 500ml of water.
Now slowly add the white sugar while stirring the liquid gently.
Stir until everything is diluted.
Let it cool down and put it overnight into the fridge.

Step 1:

Take the container out of the fridge. Take the tweezer, stir shortly the syrup and remove the tonka bean and vanilla sticks.
Add now the 2ltr blueberry puree and stir gently into the syrup.
Fill it into several unused, clean containers (bottles...) and keep it refrigerated.

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