Blueberry Tonka Vanilla Syrup

Recipe by Timo Wessels | Updated on 30. April 2023

A Four Seasons fruity syrup made with fruit puree, some vanilla, and lovely tonka bean. One of the most delicious syrups I know.

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  • 500 gr: white sugar granulated
  • 1 ltr: hot water
  • 1 piece: vanilla bean
  • 4 pieces: tonka bean
blueberry syrup
2700 ml
50 ml
Time Total:
1 day

Steps of Production

Step: 1
Begin by cutting the vanilla and placing it together with the tonka beans inside a container. Pour hot water over the top and add the sugar. Stir the mixture until the sugar is fully dissolved.
Step: 2
Allow the syrup to sit for one day, giving the flavors time to meld together.
Step: 3
After a day has passed, remove the vanilla and tonka beans from the syrup, which should now be chilled. Mix the syrup with blueberry puree, and transfer the mixture into a clean, airtight container. By following these steps, you should end up with a delicious syrup that can be used to add a sweet, fruity flavor to a variety of drinks and desserts. Enjoy!
Shelf Life:2 weeks keep refrigerated


  • 1x Large Pitcher with Scale Line
  • 1x Large Spoon
  • 1x Hot Water Dispenser
  • 1x Plastic Cutting Board
  • 1x Knife
  • 1x Long Tweezer

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