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Die Negroni Week Drinks 2022 – Der Coffee Negroni – How to mix it
created by Jörg Meyer on YouTube

This drink recipe Video will try to answer you the following questions:

  • What are the flavors of the drink
  • How to mix a Negroni cocktail
  • How to make a Coffee Negroni the easy way
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  • 0:06 Explanation Negroni Week
  • 0:54 Ingredients
  • 5:20 Mixing the Coffee Negroni
  • 8:57 Flavor Description
  • 10:27 Tip for Batching the Coffee Negroni


Video Title: Die Negroni Week Drinks 2022 – Der Coffee Negroni – How to mix it🔗
Language: german
Subtitle: german
Publisher: Jörg Meyer
Topics: Coffee, Negroni,
Description: Jörg Meyer presents us a light sweet version of an Coffee Negroni.

Source: YouTube


Coffee Negroni


A lovely twist on the Negroni cocktail created by Jörg Meyer and his team for Negroni Week.


  • 30 ml Rutte Old Simon Genever
  • 30 ml Noilly Prat Rouge Vermouth
  • 15 ml Campari
  • 15 ml Bébo Coffee Likör


Add ice into the mixing glass
Pour in all ingredients
Stir, strain

Tumbler with a huge piece of ice inside

No garnish