Clarified Mojito by clockers Hamburg

It's a clarified version of a mojito cocktail. Mixed with some pineapple rum and soda, you get a refreshing, herbal-mint version of the all-time classic cocktail.
The recipe is a riff on an existing recipe with different ingredients.


  • 40 ml
    Plantation Rum Pineapple Stiggins Fancy (Rum)
  • 50 ml
    Lime Mint Cordial Clarified (Cordial)
  • 70 ml
    Schweppes Soda Water (Lemonades)
how to mix:
  1. Add ice cubes to the glass
  2. Pour all ingredients into the glass
  3. Stir shortly
  4. Add some more ice and garnish

beverage details


bar technique:
Fill Up, Stir
lime wheel dehydrated


Aperitivo, Brunch, Refreshing
After-Dinner Delights, Garden Party, Mardi Gras Madness
golden Yellow

aroma chart

  • Alc. Strength
  • Herbal
  • Sour
  • Sweetness
  • Finish
Cardamom, Lime, Mint, Pineapple
clean, fizzy, fresh

mixing tips

mise en place

  • Try to use cold liquids to mix the drink.


  • The Filler is best poured, while fresh, cold and fizzy.

used homemade ingredients

  • Clarified Lime Mint Cordial

    • 16 gr
      Citric Acid (Dry Goods)
    • 8 gr
      Malic Acid (Dry Goods)
    • 3,4 gr
      Agar Agar Powder (Dry Goods)
    • 1 whole
      lime (Fruits and Vegetables)
    • 400 ml
      white sugar granulated (Sugar)
    • 400 gr
      citrus juice (Juices)
    • 600 ml
      cold water (Water)
    • 100 gr
      mint leaves fresh (Herb)
    to the recipe

editor recipe notes

Thanks to Kevin Kos for the video that he was putting on YouTube, and thanks to the fact that nowadays, almost everything can be bought and delivered to your doorstep. So this Mojito requires a special bitter cocktail and an unusually clarified Lime Mint Cordial. The real pain is to make the cordial, but once you have done it several times, it will be much faster to make it.

However, with those ingredients, you can make a very tasty and refreshing mojito, even if you don’t have any fresh lime and mint at home.

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