Rich Muscovado Syrup (2:1) by MBG

Muscovado syrup is a rich and amber-colored sweetener made from Muscovado sugar. It adds a delicate caramel flavor to beverages and desserts, enhancing their taste with its natural sweetness.
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  • 500 gr
    muscovado sugar (Sugar)
  • 250 ml
    hot water (Water)
a table with a bowl of sugar, a bottle with syrup and some sweets on it
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hot water, muscovado sugar

batch size

batch size:
around 400 ml
around 80 Serving


shelf life:
3 - 6 months
2 to 6 Celsius

steps of production

  1. Step: 1

    Pour 250 ml of hot water from the “Hot Water dispenser” into the Pitcher. We are using the Hot Water from our Coffee machine.

  2. Step: 2

    Slowly pour the sugar into the pitcher filled with water and stir gently until the sugar is dissolved.

  3. Step: 3

    Let it cool down a bit. Use the funnel to pour the rich syrup into the bottle. Screw it tight, let it cool down, and put it into the fridge.

  4. Step: 4

    For better usability, you can fill it into squeeze bottles. Due to its rich texture, the syrup takes time to pour.

editor recipe notes

Ok, if you make this syrup, place the sugar in a pan, pour the hot water on it, let it dissolve, and heat it up shortly. Because what might happen is that after a few weeks, the sugar gets chunky again, and you end up with a different syrup after a few weeks.

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