Rich Cold Brew Coffe for Coffee Cocktails

Get ready to experience the magic of strong cold brew coffee! This bad boy is not just for sipping with soy milk, it's a game-changer for epic coffee cocktails like the legendary Espresso Martini. With its bold flavor and velvety smoothness, it's time to shake things up and let your taste buds party. Cheers to coffee adventures!

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The recipe is inspired by a riff on an existing recipe with different ingredients.
This recipe is best suited as a Filler.
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  • 1500ml Tap Water (water cold)
  • 150gr Extra Coarse Grind (Cold Brew Grind) Coffee Beans (coffee)
cold brew coffee
1200 ml
50 ml
time total:
1 day

steps of production

Step: 1

Grind your espresso-style coffee beans to a fine consistency, similar to table salt. This finer grind will enhance the extraction process and yield a robust flavor.

Step: 2

In a large container, combine 150 grams of the ground coffee with 1.5 liters of cold water. Stir gently to ensure all the grounds are fully saturated, then cover the container and place it in the refrigerator.

Step: 3

Allow the coffee to steep in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours, depending on your preference. The longer steeping time will extract more intense flavors from the espresso-style beans, resulting in a bold and concentrated cold brew.

Step: 4

Once the steeping is complete, strain the coffee concentrate using a fine-mesh sieve or a coffee filter. This process may take some time due to the finer grind, but it ensures a smoother brew.

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