Botanist T

The Botanist T Cocktail is a well-balanced drink with flavourful Roiboos-Vanilla Tea. Paired with Lemon, Gin, and some Orange Zest, it's a refreshing and crisp summer and autumn cocktail.


how to mix:

mixing tips


  • It might be helpful to add in the beginning lesser syrup. You can constantly adjust the sweetness after shaking the cocktail.

Mise En Place

  • Keep all equipment and ingredients within range. It will be easier and faster to mix the drink.

Non Alcoholic Ingredients

  • Try to make a strong brew if you use tea as an ingredient.
  • For better results, chill your strong brew tea before mixing it.


  • Be careful and confident if you want to zest a citrus fruit with a zest peeler!



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210 ml = 1 serving

Author, Timo Wessels
Updated on 3. February 2023

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