We shake our Kai-Pi, and it's basically a Caipirinha. It's sweet, sour, and refreshing. The aged Cachaca and the shaken Lime are a good match for this awesome summer cocktail.
A shaken caipirinha is served in a tumbler with many ice cubes and lime pieces.

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  • 60ml Velho Barreiro Gold (aged cachaca)
  • 30ml Simple Syrup (sugar syrup)
  • 10ml Lemon Juice Fresh (citrus juice)
  • 1whole Lime (citrus fruit)
muddle / shake / pour

mixing instructions

  1. Place the cut lime into the shaker and muddle it.
  2. Add all other remaining ingredients into the shaker.
  3. Add some ice cubes into the shaker.
  4. Shake for about 20 seconds.
  5. Pour everything into the prepared serving glass.
  6. Add crushed ice.

  1. Prepare your Mise en Place.
  2. Prepare your bottle setup.
  3. Chill the serving glass with either crushed ice or ice cubes. Or place it in a fridge or freezer.
  4. Cut the lime into quarters.
  5. Put the cut lime into the tin shaker and muddle them.
  6. Add around 5 to 6 ice cubes into the shaker.
  7. Shake for about 20 seconds.
  8. Take the chilled glass out of the fridge/freezer. If you used ice to chill the serving glass, remove everything from the glass.
  9. Pour everything into the prepared serving glass.
  10. Add crushed ice into the serving glass.
  11. Add a short straw.
  12. Clean up your working station.

how to garnish

    mixing tips


    • Start with the cheapest ingredients (the syrup) first.

    Mise En Place

    • Keep all equipment and ingredients within range. It will be easier and faster to mix the drink.


    • Muddle the lime well to extract more juice.
    • While pressing the citrus fruit, for example, lemon or lime. You could use the pressed fruit and give it into the shaker as a fragrant ingredient. It will release some of the oils while shaking the drink. After you better double-strain it.
    • Suppose you muddle any fruit, spice, or herb. If you muddle in a glass, the glass might break. In that case, we recommend using either the metal part of the shaker or another sturdy container.

    flavour and texture

    citrus, lemon, lime
    citrus, lemon, lime
    accessible, clean, elegant

    editor recipe notes

    What makes a Kai-Pi a Kai-Pi and not a Caipirinha?
    Well, actually, just the name and some of the aged Cacacha we are using.

    We muddle the lime in the shaker and add all the other ingredients. Put 6 to 7 whole ice cubes inside and give it a good long shake. Before pouring the drink into the serving glass, I always taste the liquor. Every lime is different and offers different amounts of fruit juice. I adjust the acidity constantly with some additional lemon juice.

    Once the taste is adjusted and we pour it into the glass, we put some small amounts of crushed ice on top. Don’t forget the straw.

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    110 ml = 1 potion

    Author, Timo Wessels
    Updated on 3. February 2023

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