Queens Road Cocktail

This version of the famous Queens Road Cocktail uses a lime peel to give some more fresh oily lime flavors. It's a well-rich-flavored summer cocktail. The Aromatic Bitter is closing the gap between all those different ingredients. For the Caribbean touch, we like to use Pineapple Rum.
A shiny orange cocktail served in a rocks glass with an orange peel and mint as a garnish.

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  • 50ml Plantation Rum Pineapple Stiggins Fancy (pineapple rum)
  • 20ml Mr. Ingwer (ginger liqueur)
  • 20ml Lemon Juice Fresh (citrus juice)
  • 15ml Honey Syrup (Rich 2/1) (honey)
  • 1whole (citrus fruit)
  • 1dash The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitter (aromatic bitters)
shake / strain

1x orange zest
1x mint sprigs

mixing instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients into the shaker.
  2. Shake for about 15 seconds.
  3. Shake until chilled and strain into a serving glass filled with ice.
  4. Add your garnish.

  1. Prepare your Mise en Place.
  2. Prepare your bottle setup.
  3. Chill the serving glass with either crushed ice or ice cubes. Or place it in a fridge or freezer.
  4. Prepare your garnish.
  5. Add all ingredients into the shaker.
  6. Add ice cubes into the shaker
  7. Dry shake for about 20 seconds.
  8. Take the chilled glass out of the fridge/freezer. If you used ice to chill the serving glass, remove everything from the glass.
  9. Add ice cubes.
  10. Strain into the serving glass.
  11. Add your garnish.
  12. Clean up your working station.

how to garnish

  • 1x orange zest, Press the oils out of the orange peel by squeezing the zest over the serving glass. Finish by dropping the peel into the glass.
  • 1x mint sprigs, Place the sprig inside the glass.

mixing tips


  • Start with the cheapest ingredients (the syrup) first.
  • Try to use cold liquids to mix the drink. It will give you more control over the dilution.


  • A chilled glass keeps your drink longer and more enjoyable. Your used ice will melt slower, and the taste will stay longer.

Non Alcoholic Ingredients

  • To use pure honey might now always be a got decision. It's not that easy to dilute it in a cold drink. You can better use honey syrup. Mix honey and warm water with equal weight. Stir until everything is dissolved. Then keep refrigerated.


  • Always use fresh herbs for the garnish.
  • Be careful and confident if you want to zest a citrus fruit with a zest peeler!

flavour and texture

orange, pineapple
almond, lime, pineapple
complex, dense, mellow

editor recipe notes

We were looking for some good recipes that are made with Ginger Liqueur. We got a producer from Hamburg who was producing his liqueur just some miles away from us. He approached us, we tasted the liqueur, and we made some drinks with it.
The Queens Road Cocktail was an adaption from a Newspaper Article about the famous cocktail bar “Le Lion” in Hamburg.
There were 10 drinks published, and we thought we would try them.

We made our own version, which became a delicate drink with subtle flavors.

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140 ml = 1 serving

Author, Timo Wessels
Updated on 3. February 2023

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