• Bananarum and Chocolate Old Fashioned

    The Banana & Chocolate Old Fashioned is a lovely dessert combination with a vast load of banana and decent chocolate

  • Cameron's Kick

    The Cameron's Kick is a balanced sweet and sour drink mixed with blended scotch and vanilla bitters.

  • Coffee Kiss Negroni

    The Coffee Kiss Negroni gets its touch from the awesome DSM Coffeespirit. It's a simple recipe, and it is not

  • Elderflower Fizz

    The Elderflower Fizz is a floral and fizzy drink with a herbal touch. It's made with homemade Elderflower-Wine Syrup, and

  • Fernet Herbal Smash

    The Fernet Herbal Smash is a simple, shaken, refreshing herbal drink made with fresh herbs and a considerable portion of

  • Gin Basil Highball

    The Gin Basil Highball is a crisp, refreshing Highball with a herbal character and the touch of Basil.

  • Mojito

    This Mojito is a refreshing bubbly style of the Mojito version that we like to shake.

  • Moscow Mule

    The Moscow Mule is a refreshing and potent high-alcohol cocktail. It's mixed with homemade ginger beer, containing only ginger juice,

  • Strawberry Vanilla Split

    The Strawberry Vanilla Split is a self-explanatory drink. It comes with the flavor of strawberry, vanilla, and passion fruit. It

  • Porto Splash

    The Porto Splash is a refreshing and fizzy drink that includes Port Wine and Tonic Water. We add a little

  • Bloody Mary

    This Bloody Mary Cocktail is spicy and well balanced. The spice comes from the Jalapenjo Spirit made from the grown

  • Queens Road Cocktail

    This version of the famous Queens Road Cocktail uses a lime peel to give some more fresh oily lime flavors.




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